Deer Fingers

Deer Fingers


Deer Fingers

Keith Richard's hands and your favorite deer. Scares children and drops groupies to their knees.

100% American made.  Mona picks the fabric, Keith picks the riffs; your shirt is cut n sewn by LA's finest according to Mona's exacting designs. The artwork is all original from Dan Wieken a talented St. Paul artist. We use only the best production materials and labor practices.

This tee is washable and the fabric has superb hand feel. It improves with age as it gets to know your body. Due to its reversible nature, you’re getting two shirts in one. A unique feature of this reversible line is that there are no labels except for the original disposable care instructions and signage that comes with your shirt. Join the club of dissent, wear Scions of Sedition.

100% Supima Cotton

Care Instructions:
Wash in cold water
Air dry or machine tumble cool
Cool iron
Wear, rinse and repeat


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