Who is Mona Nunez? 

A wild spirit, orphaned at a young age, Jamaica raised, proud US citizen and currently taking no prisoners on her pursuit of the perfect graphic tee. Shaped by fate and growing up on an island where everyday people seem to be a bit more alive, the food more fiery and delicious, smiles truer and any misstep more severe. Hanging out with outlaws and musicians gave her edge. Mona doesn't follow any rules, she dances to her own beat and it's never far from Reggae, love and adventure. Mona's dream is to pay back the kindness she received on her journey by helping kids in similar straights. She wants to inspire you with her brand, and let you know if she can make it, anyone can. 

What is the Mona Nunez Brand? 

100% locally made in Los Angeles.  Mona selects the fabric then using her original designs LA's finest cut n sews your shirt to life. The graphic art is from Dan Wieken's one of a kind line drawings. Our mission is providing pure luxury at a fair price, while honoring our commitment to sustainability and fair labor practices. Each item is a reflection of Mona’s energy and heart.

What makes your t-shirts so special?

Like Mona, these shirts are 100% original. We start with premium Supima cotton grown in California. Supima’s extra-long fibers make it uniquely silky yet tough, allowing it to be spun into the best cotton fabric in the world. We then design each style in-house for the perfect fit for every body; no t-shirt blanks used. Ever! Each shirt is crafted in Los Angeles and made to last. We want to be on your back for a long time… It’s good for you and it's good for our planet.

What is Scions of Sedition?

Art that says something returns to graphic tees. Scions of Sedition™ means offspring of dissent. There’s plenty to rebel against in the world today: war, destruction of our planet, and man’s inhumanity to man. Mona wants her shirts to inspire you to make a difference,.. to do your best and be your best. Mona's personal relationship with rebellion has served her well, which is to be true to your dreams and who you are, no matter who tells you otherwise. 

Where should I wear my Mona Nunez t-shirt?

Anytime you have the edge to run wild, wear Mona Nunez. From lunch in LA, to New York nightlife, we’ve got your back with the most luxurious graphic tee made in America.