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By using the site, you agree to our collecting and using your personal information in the manner described in our privacy policy. We can only engage legally with individuals who have reached the age of majority within their respective state.

Personal Collected Information

During a visit with our site, you may choose to disclose with us such information as your name, email address, telephone number, home address, credit card information and transactional activity. We collect email addresses from both customers and visitors to our site for the purpose of future communication with you. If you wish to be removed at anytime from this database please contact us at info@monanunez.com. We also reserve the right to contact you via postal mail, email or telephone strictly for the purpose of order logistics and administering your account. In accordance with industry standards we may collect “browsing information”, including the use of “cookies”. This information may be used by Mona Nunez to enhance customers’ shopping and viewing habits while using our site. Again we never share this information with any third parties other than to process the nuts & bolts of your order fulfillment. Specifics of this sharing include information with our merchant banking partners and appropriate addresses for our shipping companies.

Disclosures for Legal Purposes

We may have to disclose personal identifiable information collected through our site as directed by law to fulfill a government request or from a legal process served on us. All e-commerce sites are subject to these intrusions and hopefully this type of activity will never occur. We just wanted to let you know, that this exists.

Informational Security

We use the industry standard to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of information that we have collected from you on our site. Please feel confident shopping with us that your information is secure. Please note the SSL icon at the lower portion of your shopping screen which stands for Secure Sockets Layer, the industry standard encryption technology, which is used when transferring and receiving your personal information on our site. Pages requesting personal information from you should always contain one of the SSL icons.


We can only engage in involvement on this site with those who have reached the age of majority within their respective home state. However all visitors of this site are strictly prohibited from reproducing, distributing, displaying or transmission of the content of this site including it’s international copyrighted materials unless authorized by Mona Nunez in writing.