The Art

Amazing line pieces are created by Dan Wieken a St Paul artist, his work is made exclusively for Mona Nunez and as unique as each piece is, his work stands together as a collection of bold expression. In addition to Dan’s visual art he’s a guitarist/vocalist in a heavy metal band.  Dan's the beautiful combination of being an edgy talented cat who's funny as Hell. One of those guys you can't read on visuals alone. A great heart, attitude and a complete pleasure to collaborate with. Our favorite afternoons are spent drinking and eating over late lunch with him in St Paul's Lowertown. Laughing our asses off as we conspire with Dan on his next piece and wait eagerly to see his completed piece which sits in his giant black case propped up on a chair. He unveils his latest work at the end of each lunch to the reviews of the waitstaff and chef. He lives by art for art. A denizen of the Lowertown, a true character and our favorite friend.